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The Lean CD Seminar

Are you ready to un-stick your team's software delivery?

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4 weeksvideo lessons
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Are you being held back?

  • Your project doesn't have sufficient test coverage
  • Your software requires manual testing
  • Your releases requires human approval
  • Not all developers on your team are senior
  • It's not safe to deployment on a Friday afternoon
  • You operate in a highly-regulated industry
  • Automation makes your boss, project manager, or other interested party nervous

Make CD the starting point, not the finish line

The Lean CD approach differs from more traditional CD migrations. It doesn't eliminate any manual or human checks, instead it simply re-orders them. This addresses most concerns with solid benefits:
  • Use CD without writing any automated tests
  • Start CD while continuing your manaul testing
  • Any number of human approvals are still possible
  • Simple enough for even the most junior developer
  • Retain complete control over release schedules
  • Flexible enough for even the most highly-regulated industries
  • Set everyone's mind at ease, by retaining all the human control you desire
Further, by putting Lean CD in place, it actually becomes much easier to automate portions of processes, as needed.

If your project is stuck with slow releases, you should take my Lean CD Seminar

The Lean Continuous Deployment Seminar is a 4-week interactive learning experience, with both live video sessions, and a 24/7 online Slack discussion community, where you can interact with other students to discuss your team's unique challenges, and find the community support you need. In the Lean Continuous Deployment Seminar, you'll learn:
  • Week 1:
    • Introduction to Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, and Trunk-Based Development
    • Take stock of your current deployment process
    • Systemitize your deployment process with a checklist
  • Week 2:
    • Setting up a minimal automation pipeline
    • The necessary and optional elements of an automation pipeline
    • Automating the final build of your project
    • Deploying your project to _somewhere_ after every merge
    • What to do with pre-existing broken or flaky tests
  • Week 3:
    • How (and when) to validate your code
    • Using a shared staging environment
    • Testing on a local dev environment
    • Ephemeral preview environments for each change
    • Automated and unit testing
    • Testing in production
  • Week 4:
    • The importance of working in small batches
    • Two flavors of Trunk-Based Development
    • How to handle large features
    • Strategies for making the switch to true TBD
    • How to continue the journey of continuous improvement
Jonathan Hall headhsot

Who are you, anyway?

Hi! I’m Jonathan Hall, and 15 years ago a disastrous multi-day technical failure sparked a life-long specialization in improving processes to avoid such needless pain.

Since then, I have worked with many teams on problems big and small, from the highly tactical, like improving coding practices, to the more strategic, like organizational restructuring. And what may be surprising to some is that in my experience, and without exception, my biggest successes have been on the smallest teams.

Much of the DevOps literature out there focuses on hyper-growth companies like Google, Netflix, and Uber, but it is my firm belief that with the right mindset, agile and DevOps principles can be at least as effective—nay, more so—on “tiny” teams.

Lean CD Seminar F.A.Q.

How does the seminar work?

The Lean CD Seminar is an interactive cohort-based community learning experience. Every Monday, I'll present a live, interactive video lesson, and assign some homework (workwork? As you'll be doing this at work, mostly...) for the week. Then, throughout the week, you and all the other students, can discuss your progress, offer advice, and discuss the unique challenges you find your own team, on the community Slack channel.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

No problem. Every video session is recorded, so it can be watched (or re-watched) at your convenience.

What if I fall behind?

Once the session is in progress, you can go at your own pace. The experience is designed to keep you engaged with content, but it's fine if you don't keep up with the latest lesson. The content and community discussion will be available for an additional 90 days after the last video is posted.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Watch each lesson lie or on re-ply, complete every assignment, and participate actively on the Slack community. If you do this, and are not convinced that the Lean CD Seminar delivered on its promise to improve your team's software delivery, just send me a note at by the end of the fourth week, and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

What if I still have questions?

No problem! Send me an email at, and I'll be happy to answer you directly.

Coming soon!

I'll keep you posted by email.

4 weeksvideo lessons
money-back guaranteepeer discussion