Tiny DevOps BONUS episode: Tiny DevOps is back! Plus a couple announcements

September 13, 2022
The Tiny DevOps podcast is back! Plus a couple of announcements.

The Tiny DevOps podcast is back!

Plus a couple of announcements.

Sign up for the Lean CD Seminar.

Check out the Boldly Go channel.


Jonathan Hall: Hi. I'm Jonathan Hall, host of the Tiny DevOps podcast. It's been a longer break than I expected, but my office and studio is now renovated. I'm still working on the lighting a little bit. I have a nice selection of episodes in the pipeline, but I do want to let you know that the new schedule is going to be bi-weekly, rather than weekly, as it was in the past. That's just because I have several other things going on that are taking up my time. I want to talk about two of those things right now.

The first of those is that after several months of preparation and consideration, I'm finally announcing the launch of the first session of the Lean CD Seminar. This interactive four-week program is for those of you who are struggling to take advantage of continuous delivery on your software development team. I will guide you through the process of documenting your current workflow and identifying the areas where you need to improve so that you can start to take advantage of continuous delivery as quickly as possible, even before you replace your manual testing.

For more information, go to leancdseminar.com. That's lean, L-E-A-N, CD seminar, S-E-M-I-N-A-R.com. The other thing taking up some more of my time lately is my new YouTube channel. If you use Go or are interested in learning Go, you might find my YouTube channel interesting. It's called Boldly Go. There is a link in the description. It only has a few videos right now, but I intend to be adding more as time goes on.

Thank you for listening to my short announcement. I hope you'll enjoy the next episode of the Tiny DevOps podcast.

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