Marta Kołodziejek
Scrum Master at Bugaboo
Jonathan is a very professional Agile Manager. He makes all decisions having his teams' best interest at heart. He looks at a big picture to make sure that team can deliver and perform. Jonathan looks at all team members individually and as a part of the team, and tries to make sure we grow as people, in our roles and reach our full potential by coaching, mentoring and challenging people. I definitely recommend working with Jonathan!

Robert O'Leary
Software Developer at Teamwork
Jonathan is a talented engineer with an attention to detail, particularly when it comes to maintaining code quality and structure. His work has helped move our codebases in the right direction and helped to avoid accruing technical debt. As a person he’s good to work with and easy to talk to.

Margriet Hilhorst
Merchandising & Content Team Manager at Bugaboo
I really like working with Jonathan. He brings the perfect combination of knowledge, clear communication and fun to the work floor. He empowers his people in a supportive and trusting way. Almost fatherly.

Jonathan is a software craftsman not only interested in an effective delivery of software, but also helping others to do so.