Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Skills

  • Programming Languages: Expert-level Go, Perl, proficient in JavaScript/Node.js, with broad experience in others
  • Management Skills: Team building, coaching, mentoring, process improvement
  • Databases: CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite
  • Development disciplines: TDD, BDD, DDD, XP, CD/CI, Agile/Kanban/Scrum
  • Advanced knowledge of IP networking, routing, and transport protocols
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Google Cloud, AWS
  • Other technologies: REST, A/B testing, HTML5, Version Control (Subversion, git/GitHub/GitLab)
  • Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (ILR level 4), Portuguese (ILR level 2)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; a published writer (English) and occasional blogger (English & Spanish)

Work Experience

Digital ICT Manager @ Bugaboo BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands -- 2018-2019)
Lead the transformation of the Digital eCommerce team, from mostly outsourced to a fully local team. When I began, we had 5 distributed scrum teams (Amsterdam, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, and India). I worked to consolidate the team in the Amsterdam HQ, and reduce headcount by hiring more senior developers. We reduced to 2 scrum teams, entirely in Amsterdam, while simultaneously improving code quality through improved best practices, increasing AWS security, and supporting growing revenue through the eCommerce channel.

Senior Backend Developer @ Teamwork (Remote -- 2016-2017)
Responsibilities included: Developing an API testing framework for our legacy code base, increasing test coverage, improving CI/CD pipeline, and establishing guidelines and standards and teaching and coaching for the rest of the team.

Backend Developer @ (Amsterdam, Netherlands -- 2015-2016)
At I lead the initiative to adopt GitLab as a supported tool, to facilitate greater collaboration and code review among the 1000+ developers in the organization. Prior to GitLab, the team was using command-line tools only.

I also worked on the hotelier-facing web site. Development responsibilities include creating new hotelier-facing features and bug fixes; crafting metrics to measure the success of new features for A/B testing and monitoring; working with colleagues to determine the direction of our team, and organizational priorities.

Senior Developer/Tech Lead @ eFolder, Inc. (Remote -- 2006-2015; previously Network Management Group, Inc.)
Lead a small team of developers for the DoubleCheck Email Manager, our cloud- and appliance-based email service whose primary features are spam/virus filtering and email continuity. Development responsibilities included design and architecture decisions, coding (primary coder during a 2008 re-design of the project) and debugging and expansion of existing code.

Technical Trainer @ Cox Communications (Wichita, Kansas -- 2005-2006)
Developed and taught course material for technical support new hires.

PC Technician @ Raytheon Aircraft Company (Wichita, Kansas -- 2002-2003)
Provided on-site support for PCs, laptops, and printers.

Technical Support Manager @ Stratitec, Inc. (Wichita, Kansas -- 2001-2002)
Oversaw a small team of representatives providing technical support for IT products such as SOHO routers, printers, and graphics cards.

Owner/Operator @ Future Internet Services, Inc. (Goessel, Kansas -- 1997-2002)
Operator of a small home-based dial-up Internet service provider.

Technical Support Shift Lead @ SouthWind Internet Access, Inc. (Wichita, Kansas -- 1998-2000)
Assisted end-users in using their dial-up Internet service, accessing email, etc.

Other Experience

Apache CouchDB, Committer (2017-present), Member PMC (2020-present)
As contributor for the CouchDB project, my primary contributions consist of development of the Go CouchDB client library (, and documentation updates to the official CouchDB project.

Kivik (2016-present)
I am the author, maintainer, and primary contributor to Kivik and related libraries, the most popular CouchDB driver for Go and GopherJS. and

GopherJS (2015-present) Contributor to the GopherJS project (Go-to-JavaScript transpiler), and related libraries (see my GitHub profile).

StackExchange volunteer Moderator -- Spanish Language (2011-2019) Language Learning (2016-2019)
I served as a volunteer moderator for the Spanish Language and Language Learning StackExchange Q&A sites, and

Debian Linux Development Team (2001-2014)
Regular contributor of bug fixes to various Debian projects. Former maintainer of various Debian packages.

Air Capital Linux Users’ Group (1997-2010)
Group president 2002-2004.


Wichita State University in Wichita, KS, USA, and Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, KS, USA (1996-1999,2008)

Goessel High School in Goessel, KS, USA (Graduated 1998)

Other Interests

23 countries, 4 continents and counting. I consider myself a “cultural tourist”--that is, I visit places to learn about their culture more than about their tourist traps. To that end, I prefer to spend a minimum of a month in one place, and longer when practical.

Engagement photos, the occasional wedding, and of course a lot of travel photography.

I have a fascination with languages. I took Spanish courses in high school and university, then moved to Mexico for 2 years to become more proficient. I am completely self-taught (no formal classes) in Portuguese, and am currently learning French.

Latin Dance
Primarily Salsa and Bachata.